DevLog in the evening:

Sorry I am writing this a little late but I had to write it.

I have not done much but implemented two player characters with fully working movement and weapon mechanics.
I had initially made two players who had static guns but I sort of dropped that idea and made the guns such that
they rotate in the direction of the enemy.
This worked great and the core mechanics were ready.
There was a small glitch in the game when I ran it through the main menu.
There were no guns although the movement was perfectly working.
I hope that glitch doesnt appear in the final release of the game as well as the beta version of the game.
Now I am going to implement health systems and somehow reduce the force with which the bullets hit the players.

Finally I stitched 60% of the game with needle and thread.YAY!!!!
It was really tiring at this moment because the game over sequence was not going fine
and all the stuff needed to be implemented.
Finally, I got the game over sequence working and all other stuff.
I made 5 levels and actually made the game.
Of course I will add post processing and particle effects afterwards
before submitting it to
Thanks I had great fun!!!!(I'm' mad to program for 8 hours straight ;))

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Jun 23, 2019

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